“I believe in the power of living a healthy, natural life! The natural, holistic approach of chiropractic
care makes it a suitable treatment option for anyone and everyone.”



Dr. Jamey grew up on a farm near Darlington, WI.  He attended college at UW-LaCrosse to pursue a degree in Physical Therapy.  While in college Dr. King tried out for the basketball team and unfortunately suffered a disc herniation to his low back. He consulted a physical therapist on campus.

After little improvement with treatment the physical therapist referred him to a chiropractor.  After a few treatments he was able see major improvements with his strength and stability to his back.

The care he received by the chiropractor inspired him to choose chiropractic as his profession.  After graduating from UW- Lacrosse with a bachelors degree in biology he attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport IA.

Dr. Jamey has been a practicing chiropractor for 12 yrs including the past three years in the Deforest/Sun Prairie area and has owned practices in multiple states.

His love for the outdoors and being active in the community is what brought Dr. Jamey to Deforest, WI. Also his love for the Badgers and you can catch him at various restaurants as he is a major foodie!

Dr. Jamey has post graduate training in pediatrics and is Webster’s certified, which allows him to provide unique care to expecting mothers. Also his sports background allows him to relate to today’s athletes. He also holds a Nutritional Counsel certification.